Nasonex® Allergy - the nasal spray for you

Nasonex® Allergy is a once daily intranasal corticosteroid nasal spray (INCS). Containing the active ingredient mometasone furoate, Nasonex® Allergy nasal spray is clinically proven to treat and prevent the symptoms of hayfever, along with pollen, dust, pet and mould allergies.3,4

Understand how
Nasonex® Allergy nasal spray can provide you with relief

Nasonex® Allergy’s direct anti-inflammatory action works inside the nasal passages to reduce swelling and provide effective, 24-hour, non-drowsy relief from nasal congestion, sneezing, and an itchy and runny nose. The nasal spray can also be used to prevent allergy symptoms when used on a daily basis.

Who can use
Nasonex® Allergy nasal spray?

Nasonex® Allergy nasal spray is recommended for allergy sufferers aged 12 and above. It can be used to relieve hayfever and allergies caused by pollen, dust, pets and mould and is suitable for adults experiencing moderate to severe allergy symptoms, seasonally or year-round.

How to use Nasonex® Allergy nasal spray in 3 easy steps

Nasonex® Allergy is an easy to use nasal spray. For best results, it should be used regularly, preventatively and as directed with the correct ‘X’ spray technique.


Step 1: Prepare

Shake the bottle well each time you use it. Remove the plastic cap and press downwards on the applicator. Pump until a fine spray appears. Gently blow your nose to clear the nostrils. Tilt your head forward slightly.

Nasal Spray

Step 2: Action

Hold the bottle in your RIGHT hand. Carefully insert the nasal applicator tip into your LEFT nostril. Press firmly down on the top of the pump to spray and breathe in deeply.


Step 3: Repeat

Hold the bottle in your LEFT hand. Carefully insert the nasal applicator tip into your RIGHT nostril. Press firmly down on the top of the pump to spray and breathe in deeply.

Tip: Using the opposite hand to the nostril helps to make sure the spray reaches the nasal passages, rather than just hitting the wall of the nose.

For those starting out with Nasonex® Allergy nasal spray, we recommended initially trying two sprays in each nostril once daily to help get symptoms under control. Once your symptoms are more manageable, you can reduce the dose to one spray in each nostril daily.

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Here’s what our customers have to say

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For people who are suffering from allergies and from horrible allergy symptoms, I’d say definitely use Nasonex®  Allergy. It’s simple to use, you can just get it at the pharmacy and, it’s absolutely changed my life and my allergies for the better, so I’d highly recommend it to anyone.
- Megan


Are you experiencing a world of hayfever or allergy symptoms?
More than a stuffy nose, allergies can impact you quality of life during day and night times, disturbing your sleep, daytime energy levels and impaire your productivity on daily activities.

Enjoy earth again with Nasonex® Allergy and Desonex, formulated to help you with those tough allergies.