Allergy Management Kit - Allergy relief and prevention treatment

Australia’s key allergy brands Nasonex Allergy & Claratyne are joining forces. Allergy Management Kit provides dual action relief by combining the benefits of Claratyne®, an antihistamine tablet for fast symptom relief, and Nasonex® Allergy spray, for the ongoing treatment and prevention of hayfever and allergies.

Understand how Allergy Management Kit can help provide superior relief11,12

(compared to antihistamine tablets alone)

Allergy Management Kit includes Nasonex® Allergy nasal spray & Claratyne oral antihistamines tablets to tackle allergies with a one-two punch! Claratyne® provides fast, non-drowsy hayfever and allergy relief from day one, while Nasonex® Allergy provides direct anti-inflammatory action that works inside the nasal passages to treat and prevent hayfever symptoms. If you’re still suffering allergies, try Allergy Management Kit for superior relief compared to antihistamine tablets alone.

Is the Allergy Management Kit right for me?

The Allergy Management Kit can be used by allergy sufferers from 12 years and over. Allergy Management Kit provides relief from 6 allergy symptoms that include: sneezing, runny nose, itchy nose, watery itchy eyes, nasal congestion.

Learn how to use Allergy Management Kit

Guidance for use (refer to individual product labels for use)


Step 1: Prepare

Nasonex® Allergy and Claratyne can be used together until your symptoms are under control.


Step 2: Action

Once symptoms are controlled, Nasonex® Allergy can be continued daily for ongoing relief and prevention of hayfever & allergy symptoms.


Step 3: Repeat

Even when allergies are under control, new surroundings, weather, and seasonal changes in pollen and grasses can cause breakthrough symptoms to occur.

If you experience these flare ups repeat steps one and two or talk to your doctor or pharmacist.

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